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What is BidGetters? 

  1. Contact us with information about your product or item. (Products should have a retail value of at least $500.  We will also assist you to liquidate surplus items.)

  2. BidGetters will inspect your product and let you know if it is acceptable for sale.

  3. BidGetters takes photos of your product, writes and designs a professional listing for your product, and places it on high traffic Internet auction sites including EBay and specific sites related to your item.

  4. Once your item is sold, BidGetters processes the payment securely, takes out listing and payment fees, and a percentage depending on the sale price.

  5. BidGetters packages and ships your product to the buyer or makes arrangements for pickup.

  6. BidGetters sends you a check.

  7. If item doesn't sell, it can be picked up or given to charity.

"BidGetters - We make selling SIMPLE!"

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